Feature Rich Value Packed

Innovation never stops around here. We’re especially proud of the patented — and unique only to Bad Boy Mowers — features that have made us stand out from the very beginning.

For us, it was never innovative enough just being the toughest and most powerful mower available at a better price. We continually push new and improved advances in cutting, safety and operator comfort that raises the bar for the entire zero turn mower industry.

Our goal is—and will always be—a perfect cut every time. Compare us component by component, feature by feature and detail by detail and we’re confident you’re looking at your next — and possibly last — zero turn mower you’ll own.

Bad Boy Mowers - Feature Rich, Value Packed

We Begin By Building The Backbone With You In Mind

We pack more in our mowers so you can get more out of them, and gauge their durability by not just years, but decades of use. From commercial to residential models, the core of every Bad Boy frame is a series of 11-gauge, 2”x 2”, all-steel cut and welded rails with heavy-duty, last-a-lifetime construction. Every innovation, every component and every feature of a Bad Boy rests on the reputation supported by this frame. It takes longer to build a mower like ours than stamping one out, but it’s the only way to guarantee your Bad Boy Zero-Turn Lawn Mower won’t just out-mow the competition — but outlast it as well.

Bad Boy Mowers Heavy-Duty 4-Rail Frame Bad Boy Mowers All-Steel Curved Rail Frame
Bad Boy Mowers All-Steel Curved Rail Frame

We Re-Framed The Whole Homeowner Class Zero-Turn Mower Industry

Our lower-profile frame and curved front rail on our Maverick, ZT and MZ class mowers makes for improved stability with a lower center of gravity, better front-line visibility and helps maximize trailer space. The new, wider stance provides better traction. Built with heavy-gauge 2˝ x 2˝ steel rails—all welded and fabricated, never bolted together—the same way our legendary commercial mowers have always been built

Bad Boy Mowers Lower Frame For Better Traction

New Lower Frame For Better Traction

The Outlaw Series Zero-Turn Lawn Mower sits lower to the ground for a lower center of gravity—providing much better traction on slopes and inclines. A skid plate protects hydraulic motors and systems and the lower drive system eliminates steep belt angles to the deck, increasing belt life and reducing stress on the drive systems. It may be an out-of-sight improvement, but it sure makes for better out-of-sight performance.

Bad Boy Mowers Yamaha EFI Engine Bad Boy Mowers Hydro-Gear Drive System

The Business Side Of Every Bad Boy

The power to perform has been a day-one feature of Bad Boy Mowers. We feature the best manufacturer line-up of engine options across our entire mower line up. We carefully select each power plant and Hydro-Gear® drive system to produce the absolute best and highest output in each model. From Caterpillar® and Perkins® diesels, to Kawasaki®, Kohler®, Vanguard®, and the newest Yamaha® EFI, we’ve got you ready to giddy-up and go. We optimize every mower for a near-perfect power to performance ratio. For us, it’s more than just strapping on the largest, most powerful engines available. It also means coupling that power with superior hydraulic systems for peak performance. And with our cooler running oversized hoses, cooling fans and self-contained or separate drive motors and pumps by Hydro-Gear® and Parker® you’ll smoothly go about your business at the highest speeds.

Heavy-Duty Components At The Heart Of The Action

Better belts and pulleys at the heart of all the action maintains cut quality, even when powering through wet, thick or tall grass. Driving our heavyduty, self-lubricated and maintenance-free spindles, you’re all set to grind out a great cut— season after season.

Bad Boy Mowers - Better Belts & Pulleys