Outlaw Series Innovations & Improvements

it's the little things that can add up to make a big difference on our zero turn lawn mowers

We’ve advanced more improvements to our Outlaw Series this year than any year before. Some, like our new tank design, appear on the surface to be wholly cosmetic, until you look a little deeper. We’ve removed much of the bulk from the top of the tanks so they taper down, giving the operator a more unobstructed view of deck edges without having to lean over side to side. And even though they appear to be slimmed down, they actually hold more fuel. It’s these little attentions to detail throughout the new Outlaw Series that creates a better mower—and an even better value.

NEW Patent-Pending Side Impact Absorber

Our deck supports now feature dual shocks that minimize the possibility of damage to your deck due to side impacts to homes, planters, fences or curbs. This deck compression absorption capability allows the deck to nudge side-to-side, returning to it’s center position without affecting cut quality. Rigid when it needs to be, flexible when it has to be—and available on every Armor-Tek® Outlaw Deck.

Patented Swing-Away Design Access Patented Swing-Away Design Access
Patented Swing-Away Design AccessPatented Swing-Away Design Access
NEW Deck Lift System

We’ve re-located our deck lift to the outside of our 2˝x 2˝ steel rail frame on both the front and back for far more rigid support across the deck—from edge to edge. Heavy-duty actuator bars allow for smooth, reliable deck lift action time after time.

Lower Frame For Better Traction Lower Frame For Better Traction
NEW Lower Frame For Better Traction

The new Outlaw sits lower to the ground for a lower center of gravity—providing much better traction on slopes and inclines. A skid plate protects hydraulic motors and systems and the lower drive system eliminates steep belt angles to the deck, increasing belt life and reducing stress on the drive systems. It may be an out-of-sight improvement, but it sure makes for better out-of-sight performance.

New Low-Profile Brake Handle New Low-Profile Brake Handle

NEW Low-Profile Brake Handle

Our new brake handle fits comfortably under the arm rest and stays tucked out of the way until you need it.

Surround Yourself With Every Advantage.

Nobody brings more to the turf than Bad Boy Mowers. We’re continuously building on our legacy of patented and unique features that are at the core of our commercial Outlaw lineup of mowers. It’s a relentless pursuit of the perfect combination of power, strength, comfort, quality of cut and performance — all in the easiest to maintain, longest lasting zero turn mower on the planet —that drives us. You won’t find a mower that offers more — anywhere —a nd when you compare prices, it’ll become no surprise why we’ve become the fastest growing zero turn mower manufacturer on the planet.

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