Introducting the
New Bad Boy Rotary Cutter

Bad Boy Cutters

We're Putting A New Spin On A Winning Formula

Our Rotary Cutters deliver the best value in the industry by making it the perfect match for your hard work—and your tractor. With industry leading standards and build quality second-to-none, the Bad Boy Rotary Cutter performs to the highest standards—and at a price that’s even tougher to beat.

Bad Boy Cutters - 4', 5', 6', 7' Cutting Widths

Bad Boy Cutter Skid Plates

Skid Plates: Replaceable 1/4" steel sleds for bearing the brunt as the first line of abuse.

Bad Boy Cutter Gearbox

Gearbox: Produce ripping fast blade speeds with slip clutch or shear pin clutch options.

Bad Boy Cutter PTO Cradle

PTO Cradle: Keeps PTO shaft from laying on the ground when stored.

Bad Boy Cutter Pivot Locking Top

Pivot Locking Top: Makes attaching cutter easier to connect at the top hitch pin.

Bad Boy Cutter Ride Along Storage

Ride Along Storage: Instructions or other documents are stored protected on deck.

Bad Boy Cutter Rear Skid Plates

Rear Skid Plates: Protects the deck from damage when backing into tight areas or around trees.

Bad Boy Cutters - Engineered To Be Stronger At Every Point

Engineered To Be Stronger At Every Point.

Designed to shed water and built-up clippings, our heavy 10-gauge steel decks feature tail wheels that adjust with a single pin (7´ has 2 pins) and provide easy tail wheel storage. Tail wheels are 4˝ x 15˝ puncture resistance and the gearbox mount features a 15 spline stump jumper.

Bad Boy Cutters Specifications

Product Width HP
Side Skirt
& Width
Weight Gear Box Hitch Construction/Clutch
4' Cutter 48" 24-40 7" 1/2" x 3" 600 lbs. Omni RC-30 CAT 1 or Quick Hitch 10 ga deck, slip clutch or shear pin: CAT 4 Driveline
5' Cutter 60" 24-55 7" 1/2" x 3" 718 lbs. Omni RC-51 CAT 1 or Quick Hitch 10 ga deck, slip clutch or shear pin: CAT 4 Driveline
6' Cutter 72" 35-72 8.25" 1/2" x 3.5" 880 lbs. Omni RC-61 CAT 1 or Quick Hitch 10 ga deck, slip clutch or shear pin: CAT 6 Driveline
7' Cutter 84" 35-83 9" 1/2" x 3.5" 1,187 lbs. Omni RC-71 CAT 2 or Quick Hitch 10 ga and 7 ga, slip clutch: CAT 6 Driveline
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Bad Boy Cutters - Proudly Made In The USA