Bad Boy Zero Turn Lawn Mower
Options & Accessories

When less than the best is never an option — choose authentic Bad Boy approved options and accessories to custom equip your mower.

Each and every accessory, made by (or for) Bad Boy Mowers, meets the same standard of durability and usability we hold our mowers to. With options for added operator safety for clean-up and convenience, you can be sure that every option fits and works perfectly with your Bad Boy Mower.

Bad Boy Mowers
Bad Boy Approved Options & Accessories

Advanced Chute System by Bad Boy Mowers You can effectively and accurately control your mower's discharge with the Advanced Chute System Advanced Chute System fits virtually any zero turn mower

Advanced Chute System

Take Control Of
Your Mower's Discharge!

With the Advanced Chute System’s variable stage all-steel shield, you can effectively and accurately control the discharge from your zero-turn mower. Closing the Advanced Chute System completely prevents discharge into flower beds, driveways and swimming pools.

In high-density areas where flying debris can damage windows, vehicles or even people, keeping the advanced chute at a semi-closed position forces debris down immediately, preventing straight line discharge at speeds of over 200 mph!

Built for commercial lawn and garden professionals and zero-turn mower homeowner’s alike, it’s the perfect precision chute management system for the accuracy and maneuverability of your zero-turn mower. Plus, the Advanced Chute System also turns your mower into a powerful mulching machine, perfect for fall leaf cleanup!

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Product Number: 48" Cut: ACS6000UBS-NH; 50" Cut: ACS6000UBS-NH; 52" Cut: ACS6000UBS-NH; 60" Cut: ACS6000B; 72" Cut: ACS 7200B

Advanced Chute System give you complete control of your mower's discharge.

Take Control Of Your Mower Discharge

Advanced Chute System turns your mower into a mulching machine.

Turn Your Mower Into A Mulching Machine

Striping Kit
Striping Kit

Striping Kit

Make your yard look like a major-league ball field! Lay down baseball field precision stripes with our striping kits.
Rear Frame Kit mounts to back of frame, just behind the rear tires.
Deck Mount Kit mounts to back edge of deck and adjusts with deck height for desired effect.

Mount Assist Handle

Assist Handle

Attaches to front frame bar for handy assist in mounting and dismounting mower. Fits all models of Bad Boy Mowers

Roll Over Protection System(ROPS)

Roll Over Protection System (ROPS)

This optional protection for our popular ZT Elite and Magnum Series Mowers is recommended for mowing on sloping terrain. Features quick-release pins for folding over for even more compact storage. (Includes required seat belt option)

ROPS LED Light Bar

ROPS LED Light Bar

12000 Lumen, high-intensity, low amperage LED light bar in durable cast aluminum alloy housing with stainless steel mounting hardware and wiring harness and lighted rocker switch.

Wet Sounds Bluetooth Soundbar

Wet Sounds Bluetooth Soundbar

Bluetooth Six-Speaker, 180 Watt unit with RF Wireless remote, providing your favorite thump-pumping music, get-it-done music.

ZT Elite Foot Pedal

ZT Elite Foot Pedal

Attaches quickly and easily to either side of the deck for quick on-the-fly deck lift around stumps or other objects. Works with our new Deck Dial System for quickly setting deck to fixed height for consistent cut, time after time.