Fall Is Here! Don't Blow your Leaves, Mow your Leaves!

It’s the time of the year again when leaves will begin falling, don’t waste your time or money raking them use your Bad Boy Mower to mulch them. It’s quick, easy and fun! Undoubtedly, the easiest way to get rid of leaves is to mow them into your lawn. You can do this with a regular Bad Boy Mower, especially if the leaves are dry, but with a mulching kit or the Advanced Chute System it will work much better. Watch the video to see how the ACS (Advanced Chute System) turns your Bad Boy Mower, or other zero turn mower, into a mulching machine.

These leaves were mowed with a Bad Boy Mowers Outlaw XP. You can attach a bagger to your machine to catch the leaves and then compost them or just let the mulched leaves fall on the lawn, where they will decompose, improving the soil.

It doesn’t matter how thick the leaf layer is, but you may have to go over it more than once. If you mow weekly, one pass will probably be fine. The chopped up leaves fall between the grass blades, decompose and nourish the soil. No need for lawn fertilizer, no need for raking!

Landscapers and more serious gardeners can switch the blades on their lawnmowers to special mulching blades (available at your local dealer). These shred the leaves VERY effectively. Switching a lawnmower blade is really easy and the mulching gator blades usually cost less than $50 depending on the size of your mowing deck.

Mowing leaves can reduce leaf volume tenfold. Leaves on lawns can be mown right into the lawn. Leaves on driveways can be mown and blown back onto perennial beds, around shrubs, or onto lawns.

Mulching your leaves is a time saver and a money saver, not to mention the added benefits of the natural organic fertilizer.

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