Who We AreA Classic American Success Story

Bad Boy Mowers Campus In Batesville, Arkansas

Ground-Breaking Mowers
Ground-Breaking Success

From a modest 26,000 sq.ft. to more than a million, across 105 acres in a little more than 15 years is a pretty good indicator of our rise as the fastest growing zero-turn mower manufacturer on the planet.

And we’re just getting started.

By breaking ground on additional acres — for our largest building expansion to date — we’re already preparing for the next generation of innovative zero-turn mowers, accessories and options. As proud as we are of the numbers that are quickly adding up due to this success, we won’t forget that only one number matters, and it’s our commitment to keep you, our customer, number one.

Bad Boy Mowers Outlaw XP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower
Bad Boy Mowers engineeres are dedicated to a better cut

We start with better engineers dedicated to innovating a better cut. They work with our product development team, consisting of leaders across every department, to continually improve and deliver new products and features to market.

We use technology factory-wide to be more efficient and reduce costs

Brute force technology is deployed factory-wide to bring efficiencies and cost reduction to our build process. Re-investment in our company has been owner-driven from the very beginning and much of our equipment is the first to make its way into production—anywhere.

We continually improve our mowers and our production capabilities to keep up with demand

Then we add and add and add to keep up with our increasing demand. The shear volume of our capabilities — and their flexibility to adapt quickly — allows us to continually make improvements to an ever growing mower lineup and keep up with the fast-growing demand.

Bad Boy Mowers continully adds new equipment on the cutting edge of technology

Newer and faster equipment is added every step of the way. Our newest automated marvel is the latest in robotic-controlled benders. It bends each deck precisely before moving it along to our battery of sophisticated robot welders.

State-of-the-art robotic welders keep production moving

Keeping up with the demand for our mowers requires continual upgrades to our manufacturing capabilities. Nowhere is that more noticable than our lineup of non-stop robotic welders. The investment in these welders started very early as we grew — and continue to grow with us today.

Skilled craftsmen still oversee every step of our production process

It still takes craftsmen with skills and great work ethic to bring it all together. Working in conjunction with our growing number of robotic welders, hundreds of parts come together at this stage since virtually every part of a Bad Boy is welded and fabricated — never stamped and bolted.