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Aims To Refocus Marketing Efforts To Help Dealerships With Direct Selling Efforts

Bad Boy Mowers has enjoyed sponsoring the NCAA Gasparilla Bowl the past few years, but our time as the sponsor of this event has ended.

We have had a great relationship with ESPN and the Gasparilla Bowl staff, but we are revamping our marketing efforts in other directions.

In lieu of recent events, the marketing dollars from this event will be repurposed to focus on helping our dealerships with a direct selling approach over the coming season. This new method will allow us to continue to help the bottom line for our dealerships.

Getting the Bad Boy Mowers brand in front of people was an important part of the Gasparilla Bowl sponsorship and was truly a success. We look forward to working more with ESPN in the future and on different events as the opportunity arises.

We had a lot of fun sponsoring the Gasparilla Bowl and we hope you did as well. Check out the new 2019 Gasparilla Bowl Lookback video and take a look through our Photo Gallery to see pictures from past Gasparilla Bowls. Don’t forget to Like Bad Boy Mowers On Facebook and keep an eye out for more news & announcements from Bad Boy Mowers.