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Arkansas Business held their annual CFO Of The Year Event on Thursday, November 5th and announced David Brogdon of Bad Boy Mowers the winner of the Large Private Company CFO Of The Year Award.

A Chief Financial Officer(CFO) is a historian and fortune-teller responsible for recording what has happened and for predicting what will happen with a company's financial performance. The honorees for the CFO Of The Year Award represent the perfect combination of intelligence, judgement, loyalty, integrity, high energy, balanced ego and impressive ability to see around corners. Arkansas Business honors those men and women who serve as the foundation upon which companies succeed or fail.

David Brogdon, a Batesville native, became an accountant because he wanted to be "an important part of a growing company." He's achieved that goal at Bad Boy Mowers, which he joined in 1998.

Bad Boy's revenue and its workforce have surged in recent years — revenue grew 31 percent in 2014 compared with 2013 — and Brogdon's biggest challenge has been "keeping our infrastructure in line with our sales growth," he said. Five or so years ago, "a couple of people could probably handle our payables," Brogdon said. "Now, you're needing three or four times that many people."

He attributes Bad Boy's success to several factors.

First: the company's people. Batesville has seen a couple of plants close in recent years, and Bad Boy has been able "to cherry-pick the best people that were working at those places, which are some really talented people."

In addition, Brogdon said, the company makes a quality product, zero-turn-radius commercial-grade lawn mowers.

Finally, the Bad Boy marketing department, headed by Lennie Foree, "has done a phenomenal job of branding Bad Boy" as something "cool" to own, Brogdon said. "To own a Bad Boy — to a lot of folks it's almost like owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle."

David Brogdon of Bad Boy Mowers named CFO Of The Year!

Brogdon, 45, said his greatest accomplishment has been balancing his work as CFO and being a single parent. He has three children: His daughter, 25, is his assistant at Bad Boy, and he has custody of his two sons, a freshman and a senior at Southside High School.

Brogdon credits Bad Boy CEO Phil Pulley, who's given him flexibility in his work hours, with helping him juggle his work and family responsibilities.

From his father, Brogdon said, he learned a strong work ethic and discipline. And from Pulley, he learned to moderate his competitive nature and value the skills of every team member.

Bad Boy Mowers is extremely proud to call David part of our family. His integrity, steady hand and principled discipline has helped him oversee the tremendous growth of Bad Boy Mowers since the very beginning. This is a much deserved honor and another reason we're proud to stand with David as he continues to Lead With An Attitude!

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