Bad Boy Mowers is preparing to deliver the newest Outlaw zero turn mower to dealers across the country in our brand new fleet of tractor-trailers. Nineteen new fuel efficient trucks, pulling our customized two story interior trailers for shipping mowers ready to cut right from the loading ramps, are making their way to our dealers across America, and are…"on the road again."

By maintaining our own delivery fleet, Bad Boy Mowers saves a considerable amount of money over not utilizing an outside carrier and creates jobs in the process. With our fleet of specially equipped tractor trailer rigs, our mowers arrive direct to our dealers completely assembled, factory inspected and ready to mow. It's the crucial final step in assuring delivery to you on our promise of producing a better mower at a better value!

Be on the lookout for our new Bad Boy Mowers trucks in your area as the 2015 mower season gets closer every day! Don't forget to stop by your Local Bad Boy Mowers Dealer to see our mowers in person and Like Us On Facebook to keep up with everything Bad Boy Mowers as we prepare to unveil our complete 2015 mower lineup!